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hi /hʌɪ/, definition:
Informal exclamation. Derived from the word hello. First recorded in middle English. Used as a formal greeting or to attract attention. Colloquial. “Hi there. How are you?” To be scared. To plant. To plant and let grow. To jump. To be afraid of falling. To allow yourself. To connect. To breathe. To be breathed in. To smile. To fake smile. To hug tightly. To hug awkwardly. To not know where to put your hands. To kiss softly on one cheek and then the other. To begin. To begin again. And again. And again. To be naked. To be scared of rejection. To be petrified of rejection. To manifest want or need. To put your foot in the door. To trip over. To open your mouth. To lick your lips. To be attracted. To be confused. To be excited. To be both at the same time. To wonder who. To wonder why. To want to know more. To need to know more. To wander. To be human. To meet for the first time. Or the thousandth time. To be excited again. And again. And again. To not be afraid of falling. To be unafraid. To be fearless. To fall on purpose. To fall gracefully. To fall with only the effort of a single word. To be too lazy to say hello. To be cool. To act cool. To act natural. To make an impression. To make the wrong impression. To make the first move. To be rejected. To be okay with it. To ask if you can by her a drink. To be awake. To be awoken. To tie the knot. To unravel it at  the end of the conversation if you’re not feeling it. To forget his name. To think he’s hot. To wonder if he has a girlfriend. To ask him. To move fast. To move hard. To understand that we are only here briefly, and to act on it. To be impulsive. To believe in yourself.

Hey. Hello. Wagwan. Yo. What’s up. Sup.

To unwrap yourself, slowly, one syllable at a time.



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