Tears because. Education

Ok, so I should really not be on here since my mock AS level exams are right around the corner and I am nowhere near prepared, but here I am, and what is done is done. I think I might have a real serious problem with procrastination, that will probably be the cause of my ruination one day, if I don't sort it out. I'll sort it out tomorrow. lol.

What I look like right now, courtesy of a webcam - hashtag not so snazzy
I figured I could post on here as a little de-stresser method seeing as my revision regime is getting a little out of hand (even though I'm probably not doing enough of it as it is). Anyway, I recently had an epiphany, from which I realised that there might be a little chance that I might actually maybe idk, FAIL MY A LEVELS. When sixth formers tell you that A levels are hard, you might think they are over exaggerating, THEY ARE NOT. In fact they are over-under-exaggerating because I'm already about halfway through year 12 and I am yet to get an A in anything (aka on the verge of my very destruction), nothing at all, which is a shocking surprise for a girl who got all A*s and As in GCSE. Just pray for me guys. 

Also, I realised I probably should have stayed at my old average school for sixth form, instead of coming to an above average smart people sixth form, because all these super smart Einstein-esque people around me make me feel like soggy, expired bread *insert violins and sad face here*. In case you were wondering, the subjects I took for A levels are maths, English literature, product design and sociology. 

Bottom line is, if you are anything like me, once you get to post 16 education, you will cry/feel like crying at least once per term... even if you consider yourself smart. But of course, you might be different and have an invisible iron shield that provides you defense against the British education system... or not.

Right now I just feel like I can't wait to finish exams this year and next year, go to university and do my favourite things everyday and have loads of free time to make up for the accumulated sleep loss to come over the course of the next one and a half years. 

So help me God. To open my results on the 13th of August, hopefully see 4 As, jump for joy for about 5 minutes, then sink into much a much needed sleep.

So help me God. 

Anyway, its back to work for me! *featuring sarcastic exclamation mark*

I hope education is not stressing you guys out too much?


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  1. I can sympathize with you about school, definitely. (Today I actually burst into tears after having to redo a geometry test). If it makes you feel any better, I was chuckling as I read, and related to your post; you have a great sense of humor! Good luck with school! :)
    xx Tessie


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