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I am naturally shy. I have given myself the diagnosis of 'introvert' for so long now that I no longer think of myself as otherwise. The weird thing is though, when I first meet someone I am incredibly shy and awkward, but as time goes on and a relationship develops its like all the symptoms of 'introvert' disappear and I become my real self. And another weird thing is when that relationship develops, you tend to find out that I actually love to speak and I am no less than a gushing tap when it comes to words.

 I wonder if there is a diagnosis for that?



  1. SNAP! I am a 100% introvert and shy away in social situations, but I never stop talking when I am around people I know well ^_- xx


    1. Haha! I'm glad I'm not the only one this happens to!! xx

  2. Funny enough, though I am 99% introvert in my mind; life has decided on a different path for me. Over the years I've had to become outgoing, and socially a 'butterfly' as some might label it. In my close friendships however, the 'butterfly' goes away, and reveals the actual me. The girl who's a little sarcastic, slightly morbid (oh dear), and a little witty on the side. It's not a fake imitation I play just to make things work at the end of the day. It's nice when you can find people who can accept who you are, and who allow you to be comfortable enough to be okay being that!

    1. Yeah! I completely understand what you mean. Sometimes it's like the world and the institutions within it e.g. education system, working professionally, require us to be extroverted and outgoing to be able to survive, and not be 'pushovers' that get trampled on. I think that's why a lot of people have that may not consider themselves as extroverts seem to have an air of extroversion, simply because society requires us to be.

      Teachers teach us that the way to succeed educationally is by giving vocal contributions in class and taking part in group work, employers want us to be outgoing in job interviews... It really is an extroverts world,

      So maybe for many people extroversion is just a survival tactic?
      (sorry for the long comment!)


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