The week that felt like a month

Long days happen quite often. Long weeks, maybe not often enough. 

I entered into 2014 with an open mind, but somehow I forgot that it probably wouldn't go as smoothly as I expected it to. I forgot about all the obstacles that come with everyday life (like getting up every morning) and expected it to knock on my door with a wide teethed smile.

Well I was wrong. So very wrong.

Everything had gone smoothly so far, and I remained blind to the fact that the week approaching was not going to be my cup of tea. With a GCSE Mandarin controlled assessment ahead, which I had (by the way) planned to wing from the beginning (I know, terrible tactics), I was so not prepared for the week ahead. 

Yay (sarcasm)
It was Saturday when I finally realized that I had better start memorizing the impossible characters of (in popular opinion) the hardest language in the world. Advice to anyone and everyone DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF IF YOU HAVE AN EXAM. I know this from experience because that was honestly the hardest Saturday of my life, thank God I survived without hurting myself or anyone around me. 

On top of having a controlled assessment on the 5th of February, that day was also to be the opening night of my school production, Grease, which I was in by the way. A little back story is needed here, so here goes...

I auditioned for Grease back in September 2013, expecting to honestly not get more than a chorus part, or maybe at the farthest push, Patty Simcox or a Pink Lady with no lines. So I did my best at the audition, forgot about it for a couple of weeks, and when the cast list was up I was almost not going to check it because I thought I wouldn't like what I would see. I was wrong again, because this time I didn't get a small crappy part I WAS MARTY! Honestly, I was so surprised because the character was so far from my actual personality, that I almost thought it was a typo. Well I guess I should have had a little more faith in myself, because I had in fact gotten a part that I would have never thought would be mine in a million years! It was really fun working with the rest of the cast, although being my antisocial self, I found it hard to socialize at times. Oh well.

Me as Marty singing 'Freddy My Love'
Anyways, back story over, and back to the real business. On Wednesday I was terrified, both because of my exam and my Grease solo, but I hoped for the best. I'm sure you would be glad to know that I didn't completely wing my exam (I don't know if it payed off yet, fingers crossed!). 

I also managed to get through both acts of Grease successfully without wetting myself in front of 250+ people! All three nights of the production went fantastically! According to my friends, I killed (positive version) my solo, but I like to be modest!

So yeah, that's how my week went. Hectic, chaotic, fantastic, and whatever else I would like to call it, once I recover all the big words from my vocabulary.


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